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Close to baby ready!

Kudos to you for taking this first step in your baby-making journey. Your quiz results suggest that you are close to being baby-ready based on your lifestyle practices so far! Now it’s all about fine-tuning and optimizing.

Based on the quiz, you have an idea of where you stand from a lifestyle perspective. Now you can dive deeper with lab testing to learn what’s going on at a cellular level. The best way to know where to focus your efforts is with comprehensive Poplin Pre-pregnancy Wellness Testing to find out which areas of your health might need a little extra love.

Because our testing is so comprehensive, ~60% of customers have uncovered a chronic condition they were not aware of. This is true even in the case of health optimizers like you. Could that be you too?

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You may have noticed that we asked about a lot more than just your hormonal health. That’s because health is so much more than just your hormones. We want to measure your whole health. Pre-pregnancy wellness testing will help you deep dive into your blood, immune, hormone, metabolic and nutrient status.

5 Categories of Pre-pregnancy Wellness

Poplin measures significantly more variables than the average fertility test allowing you to get a more comprehensive view of your fertility and health.