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Pre-pregnancy Supplements

Enhance your pre-pregnancy wellness with our preconception supplement regimens. We offer formulas you can trust, designed by a clinician specifically to support detoxification, hormonal balance, egg & sperm health and overall fertility.

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We have supplement regimens
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Supplement Regimen for Females

Includes 4 supplements
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  • Balance
  • Enrich
  • Revive

Supplement Regimen for Males

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  • Boost
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Details on Supplements

Optimal pre-conception formula =

  • Prenatal  
  • + Fish Oil  
  • + Probiotics  
  • + Egg Health Support

Prenatal vitamins are necessary, but insufficient for optimal fertility.

If you’ve been to your ob-gyn and shared with them that you are planning to get pregnant in the near future, they probably said something to the effect of, “Great, start taking a prenatal vitamin.” 

We couldn’t agree more that taking a prenatal vitamin is an essential part of pregnancy preparation. That being said, a prenatal vitamin alone is not enough for optimal fertility and pregnancy health anymore. 

In order to set yourself and your future baby up for success, we developed the optimal pre-conception formula for supplementation. 

What our regimens include

For Females

What is it? 

A comprehensive prenatal vitamin designed to fortify your diet with key vitamins and minerals to support a healthy conception and pregnancy. 

Why is it important? 
The majority of reproductive-age women are micronutrient deficient (i.e., do not have adequate levels of key vitamins and minerals). Nutrient deficiencies can cause problems both getting pregnant and carrying a pregnancy to term, as well as affect the baby’s future health trajectory. According to Dr. Victoria Maizes, women’s health expert, studies suggest that there are four key reasons to take a multivitamin: “1. …help you to conceive 2. …reduces the risk of birth defects in your baby 3 ...lowers the risk of miscarriage. 4. …reduces the risk of pediatric cancer in your child.” 

What is it? 

A pure, high-potency fish oil supplement to reduce inflammation and support cellular structure & function.

Why is it important? 
Omega-3 fats, the most common compounds found in fish oil supplements, are essential for both mom and baby. For baby, omega-3 fats support their brain, eye and central nervous system development. For mom, consumption of cold-water fatty fish and supplementation with fish oil is anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory. Both inflammation and immune system reactivity can affect a potential pregnancy, so addressing these components is essential for fertility.

What is it? 

A multi-strain probiotic to support balanced digestive health.

Why is it important? 

Digestive health is the foundation of overall health and, in particular, immune health. A balanced microbiome helps with nutrient digestion and absorption, toxin elimination and pathogen defense, among other things. Your baby inherits your microbiome, so the more you nourish your microbiome before and during pregnancy, the more robust your child’s microbiome will be as well.


What is it? 

A broad mitochondrial supplement designed to support overall cellular health, including egg health.

Why is it important? 
Your egg cells are the most mitochondrially dense cells in the entire body, which means they are most susceptible to mitochondrial toxins (e.g., high sugar diets, unrelenting stress) and most receptive to mitochondrial support (e.g., diverse fruit and vegetable intake, targeted supplementation). Because our current environment is such a drain on egg health and because women are often having children later in life, taking an egg health supplement is important to support optimal fertility. 
For Males

What is it? 

A comprehensive multivitamin designed to fortify your diet with key vitamins and minerals to support overall health.

Why is it important? 

In today’s society, it’s hard to get all of the nutrients you need from food alone. Our nutrient needs are higher (given increased stress and toxin loads) and our nutrient sources are lower (given highly processed foods and lower nutrient density of our soil and therefore, our food). You need a comprehensive array of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to reinforce your health and to set the foundation for the health of your baby; the best way to ensure that is with a high-quality diet plus high-quality micronutrient supplementation.


What is it? 

A pure, high-potency fish oil supplement to reduce inflammation and support cellular structure & function.

Why is it important? 
Omega 3 fats (such as EPA and DHA) have been shown to improve sperm cell membrane structure and function. 

What is it? 

A concentrated mitochondrial support supplement designed to support optimal sperm health. 

Why is it important? 
Targeted antioxidants have been shown to support sperm health parameters.  
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