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Preparing for pregnancy starts here with pre-pregnancy wellness testing

Preparing for pregnancy starts here with pre-pregnancy wellness testing

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Experts agree that the optimal time for couples to improve their health is before becoming pregnant.


Preparing for pregnancy makes it easier to get pregnant


Preparing for pregnancy sets the stage for a healthier pregnancy


Preparing for pregnancy increases the likelihood of having a healthy baby

Have you been *thinking* about getting pregnant?

You're in the right place.

We are pre-pregnancy experts.

We help you get ready to get pregnant. 

4 Simple Steps

Support & guidance, every step of the way.


Order Diagnostic Test

Say goodbye to lengthy forms and boring phone calls—in less than 5 minutes, our ordering process will put you en route to getting the answers you’ve been looking for!


Get Blood Drawn

Have your blood drawn at a local lab or our mobile lab partners can come to you in the comfort of your home, it’s your call!


Receive Personalized Report

Clear, easy-to-read results delivered to you within 3 weeks. Our comprehensive panel of tests include blood, immune, nutritional, metabolic health, and more!


1:1 Call with Pre-pregnancy Expert

A qualified expert will talk you through your pre-pregnancy checklist on a 30-minute call. Experience the difference personalized support can make, while uncovering the best next steps and action items for your preconception journey.

Pre-Pregnancy Wellness Tests

At Poplin we measure your health, not just your hormones. Our categories of testing include Blood Type & Status, Immune Status, Hormone Status, Metabolic Status, and Nutrient Status.

Please select the sex assigned to you at birth. This is necessary to determine the appropriate testing panels as well as the relevant reference ranges for your results. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email

Our Founding Families

"I absolutely loved both the data and the call with the pre-pregnancy educator. It really was enlightening to talk through what the results meant and how to interpret them from a readiness aspect. I really enjoyed the review and came away feeling like I had a great understanding of where I am at and a good plan for positioning things as optimally as possible going into our next ttc phase."


"The depth of results and the session with the pre-pregnancy educator were so helpful. I'm a few years away from trying to get pregnant, but I feel really empowered to make some changes to help my overall wellbeing now that I know will also be beneficial for trying to get pregnant in the longer term. I wish I got this kind of information from my PCP."


"It was incredibly helpful! The process was easy and the information is great to have. I would recommend to everyone!"


"The most valuable to me was the feeling that I was taking charge and being proactive in my health. It’s difficult to advocate for myself with a doctor (I get nervous, shy, etc.). This experience put the information in my hands and left me feeling empowered."


"Overall experience was great, it was nice to feel heard and then to receive feedback on what can be done to improve my preconception health. My educator was well aware of fertility issues and metabolic health and how they go hand in hand. This helped her to provide insight on how best to adjust lifestyle, eating habits and even supplements to support my preconception journey."


"Exceptional. I will recommend to everyone. I read the book in 3 days and I NEVER read. Purchased the tests, had them done, and the education call tied everything together for me personally. Thank you."