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Why has baby-making become so damn difficult?

Why has baby-making become so damn difficult?

You’ve probably heard the latest statistic: 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. It’s pretty dismal...and it’s getting worse. But why? 

Because we are maladapted to survive and procreate in our current environment.

As a society, we are simultaneously the "healthiest” that we’ve ever been (e.g., fewest communicable diseases, longest lifespan) and yet the most unwell. Today, we have the highest incidence of chronic disease than ever before in our history. 

We are living in an environment that has drastically changed over the last century:

The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000 years

23,000 new chemicals have been created since 1976

Stress has increased ~20% on average from 1983 to 2009

We are eating less real food and more food-like substances. 

We are inundated with more chemicals than our body knows what to do with. 

We are more stressed and stretched than ever before.

And we are more sedentary and more socially isolated than previous generations.

Our bodies were designed to procreate in peak conditions; today’s environment is a far cry from those peak conditions. 

When our body is deficient in key nutrients (especially nutrients needed to nurture a pregnancy), it shuts down reproductive function. 

When our body is stressed (especially if it thinks our environment is unsafe), it shuts down reproductive function. 

When our body is toxic (especially if these toxins could poison a growing baby), it shuts down reproductive function. 

If our body shuts down reproductive function, it’s usually because it does not believe that there is a safe or stable environment to bring a baby into. 

Your body is designed to procreate - you just need to convince your body that it’s safe to do so. 

First, identify anything that could be a potential fertility blocker (whether it be toxic food or home care products or relationships).It may take time and it may take some detective work, but it’s absolutely possible. 

Second, minimize or completely remove anything that you identified that could interfere with fertility. 

Third, allow your body to recalibrate and move towards optimal baby-readiness. 

If you want some help getting started, let us show you how!